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Gołębiew Sp. z o.o.
 99-300 Kutno
tel./fax: 48 24 254 24 98
tel.: 48 24 253 35 87, 254 21 75

PlantiCo Farming and Seed production Horticultural Gołębiew Sp. he Ltd., deals with the farming and the seed production the vegetables, the flowers and the reproduction of somniferous cereals. Two sections of farming of horticultural plants and two store-houses of seeds come in in the composition of the firm, situated in the locality Gołębiew New k / Kutna and Planes k / Szymanowa.

The somniferous production is led under breeders and experts from seed production, on own soils exact supervision and in specialized somniferous farms. We reproduce seeds in the country and beyond the borders of the Poland. In support about modern laboratories, animal plots of the ground and commitment of the breeders high class, we lead farming of new, more and more perfect changes under the angle of requirements placed us by professional manufacturers and the lovers

We sell our seeds on the terrain of the whole country, through the net of the wholesalers, also co-operating with us how different interesting firms oneself the horticultural trade. Our breeders, the workers of the section of marketing and promotion, they serve you the help not only near the choice of suitable changes of vegetables and flowers, but also professional advice from the range of the way of tillage, protection and fertilization.

In this basic activity what there is the farming of new changes, 100-summer experience helps us, for the firm in Gołębiewie, she came into being in 1899 and from this time incessantly he with farming and seed production. She walked round her jubilee in 1999. Ours the changes are known the customers on Ukraine, Belorussia, Lithuania, in Estonia, Russia, Arabia, Arabian Emirates, the Sudan and in RPA, register 3 where new changes of the cucumber from under the protection.

PlantiCo Gołębiew co-operates with all significant Polish farming's of horticultural plants and in one's the trade offer he possesses the full scale of Polish changes of vegetables and flowers.
We invite to the co-operation!


The Opolski beetroot - the change very about elongated roots with the rounded base. Purple-brown skin, weak  to average. He is characterizes the large part he takes root trade in the general crop. The intensely black flesh is characterizes by very small expressiveness of rings in the section.

Useful to direct consumption, storage and processing especially as the material to conserving. The high efficiency of the material was affirmed in this change from the individuals of the mass and getting the high mass of the product from the trade crop and more profitable deliciousness (MACAWS investigation in the Wroclaw).

The durability of dyes in kept and heated in technological processes juice is higher in the relation to many different changes in this change.


The tomato the Etna F1 - change early.

The large fruit (SO - 100 g) not flattened lightly takes down  spherical, without heels, smooth, well transportation, he does not crack.

The change for prze4twórstwa, exceptionally and faithful  tolerant on drought and chills in the spring period, commanded to tillage from the sowing to the soil directly.

Awarded the gold medal of markets POLAGRA 1997.


The bean (Eureka) - the change on dry seeds, early, dwarf type, height of plants 35-40 the cm., mass 1000 seeds - about 1000 g, white seeds.

Earlier about 2-4 weeks from the change of the bean Beautiful Jaś.

Resistant on diseases. Commanded to unprofessional tillage.

The depth of the sowing 5-6 the cm, space out on the 50x25 of the cm.

Norm of the sowing 80 000. the seeds / huh (t 65-80 the kg) in dependence from the type of the seeder.


The onion Kristine - synthetic change, about the profitable structure of the crop (96-98 % the trade crop), the late average, depressing  simultaneously.

Unfailing  because of large vitality.

Useful to direct consumption and to long storage. Spherical onions with the adjacent well scale about the gold colors. The mass onion 80-100g. The content of the dry mass 10-12 %.

Recommended norm of the sowing 800 000. seeds / huh (3,0 - 3,5 kg). We recommend the sowing the precise seeder in the span: 30 + 30 + 30 -f- 30 + 54 cm or 20,5 + 20,5 + 20,5 + 20,5 + 54 cm.

The bean (Leopard) - the string bean. Gold Medal POLAGRA 2001.. Change  from sowing to gathering about 75 days. The plant  about the compact type.

Pods placed over partly. High placing bottom pods 18-22 the cm acts the useful change to the mechanical gathering.

He distinguishes himself:
- the very high crop of fresh pods
- the large part of the trade crop in the general crop
- very long, simple pods (14-16 the cm)
- they the fleshy pods which one may outgrow
- the smooth surface of pods without narrowing

The lettuce the Nursery maid - the butter lettuce early, about the bright colors of leaves.

Designed to land tillage from the spring to the autumn, and to spring tillage under protections.

Change, round head, about the mass 350-600 g, the size achieves evenly the trade ( 60 - 80 days from the sowing to the gathering ).

Tolerant on LMV and high temperatures in the period of tillage, small susceptibility to accumulating the nitrates.


The onion the Niagara F1 -  late average, very, about the profitable structure of the crop, depressing the simultaneously.

Unfailing useful to direct consumption and storage. He creates spherical onions.

Dry shells, adjacent well, flesh, the content of the dry mass 13-14 %. The mass onion 80-100g.

The norm of the sowing 800-900000. seeds / huh (3,0 3,2 kg). Space out the sowing 20,5 + 20,5 + 20,5 + 20,5 + 20,5 + 54 cm.

The pore the Young shepherd

- with the large part of the trade crop

- the alleged stem 20-25cm, without the tendency to creating the callosity onion

- dark green leaves to raised

- to the processing and direct consumption